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Gorilla Sightings In Austin

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

It’s not a myth or a joke! Thirsty Planet gorillas have been sighted in bars and restaurants throughout Austin recently and the trend will continue again this Friday night, January 14th from 6PM – 8PM at the Draught House.

This is Austin, so of course no one needs a reason to get dressed up and head out to the bars in a gorilla suit. However, we at Thirsty Planet have a very good reason to do so.

We are working hard to spread the word about the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund (MGCF) and their mission of ensuring the future of the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In addition to sporting the gorilla suits, we brewed a charity beer called the Silverback Pale Ale. We partnered with eight local bars and restaurants to showcase the Silverback on tap for your drinking pleasure. We’ll then donate 100% of the proceeds from Silverback pint sales directly to the MGCF so they can continue their important work.

That’s not all we are doing, we are also serving up the Silverback at the Austin Gorilla Run post race party. It’s at the Austin Gorilla Run that you too will have the opportunity to sport your gorilla suit in public and help the MGCF achieve their mission.

So please show your support for the MGCF and come on out to the Draught House this Friday night to hang with us, enjoy some Silverback Pale Ale, and sign-up for the Austin Gorilla Run.

If you can’t make it out this Friday night, you can find us and our gorilla suits at these great locations at following times and dates:

-  Saturday, January 15th, 7-9 PM at Flying Saucer
-  Tuesday, January 18th, 6-8 PM Opal Divine’s on 6th
-  Wednesday, January 19th, 6-8 PM at The Tavern
-  Thursday, January 20th, 5-7 PM at Red’s Porch


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