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Taste Testing at Skinny Bob’s

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Wow, Friday came fast this week! It probably had a lot to do with the three day Memorial Day weekend we all enjoyed. Who’s complaining about a short “work” week though…not us and hopefully not you either!

So check it out, tonight at 6:30 PM (just less than 4-hours away) we’ll be hanging with the good folks at Skinny Bob’s Billiards in Round Rock for a taste testing of our three most popular brews: the Yellow Armadillo Wheat, the Thirsty Goat Amber, & the Buckethead IPA!

Looking forward to seeing you out tonight!


The Art of Beer

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

We are very excited to have had Angi Wilkes debut her “The Art of Beer” exhibit on our tasting room walls at the brewery and for a few more weeks you too can view her work up close. This exhibit speaks volumes for Angi’s passion for brewing beer and cider, and her technique of combining printmaking with digital photography makes her work unlike any others we have seen before.

“The Art of Beer” exhibit includes 17 pieces, all with a focus on beer. The standout piece in the exhibit, well our favorite at least, is her Venetian Eisbock. This piece combines images of her past and present. It is just one example of how Angi uses time and place, and makes them become connective; coupled with a realistic and often a surreal subject matter.

We also really enjoy and get a good chuckle from the five Mono-print collages, which take a spin on contemporary beer labeling; Moose Drool is just one example.

Angi’s “The Art of Beer” exhibit will continue to run this Saturday through early May. You may also view Angi’s work online.

Cheers to Art & Beer!

SXSW: Playing (and pouring brews) in Traffic

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

You can’t live and play in Austin and not take part in SXSW. This year’s event is jammed packed with fantastic show after fantastic show and we are super excited to be joining the festivities. It was a little over 8-months ago that we filled our first keg for Austin and now we are part of SXSW; we love Austin!

To give you a little preview of what we’ll be up to & where you can find us pouring our tasty Thirsty Planet brews let’s first kick things off with a little music from the Los Lonely Boys. Click below to hear the new hit song Fly Away!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

To hear more great music from the Los Lonely Boys and their soon to be released (March 29th) album Rockpango come join us and see them perform live while enjoying one of your favorite Thirsty Planet brews at the “Playing in Traffic” SXSW event hosted on the rooftop pavilion of Whole Foods Market (5th & N. Lamar) next Friday, March 18th from 1PM – 6PM.

We look forward to seeing you at this great event and the many others (we’ll post the full list soon) this SXSW season.


Sausage, Live Music, and Beer

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

It was so hard to come up with a title for this post. What’s better and which gets listed first…beer, live music, or sausage? We think all three are equally special and oddly enough we aren’t biased toward beer because we believe what makes beer really special is the event, the food, and of course the people it’s paired and enjoyed with. So how did we come up with the post? The scientific method of course…we threw all three names in a hat and drew them out in the order they are now listed in: Sausage, Live Music, and Beer.

We are so excited about this upcoming Saturday, March 5th at the brewery. Our weekend brewery tours and tastings are already the highlight of our week. We aren’t kidding friends; that’s when all of our hard work really pays off. It’s the one time each week that we have the opportunity to get to know each of you, show you our brewery home, and serve you our beers.

Beyond the normal good times we share with each of you on Saturdays, this Saturday is going to be especially fun as we are hosting the good folks from Salt & Time and our band of the month Achachay!

Salt & Time will serve up a one of a kind sausage infused with our Buckethead IPA and a specialty mustard made with our Thirsty Goat Amber Ale. This is all part of Salt & Time’s brilliant plan to launch Craft Beer Link. Each month, Salt & Time will pair beer from a Texas craft brewery with their sausages and mustards. We at Thirsty Planet have the honor of being the first of the six Texas craft breweries selected thus far to kick this off!

In addition to the amazing sausages that Salt & Time will serve, our Band of the Month, Achachay! will bring the groove to you on the dance floor. Their music causes a real ruckus and will leave you music lovers demanding more!

Don’t miss out, reserve your spot now for this Saturday’s mouth watering and ear pleasing event by signing up online for one of our brewery tours and tastings.

Tour and tasting price will be the usual $7, which buys you a Thirsty Planet pint glass that we’ll happily keep filled for FREE with our many Thirsty Planet brews on tap. The sausage links from Salt & Time can be purchased on site for $7, or take a package of links home for $8; cash or credit accepted. While the brews and links are being served up Achachay! will put on one rocking show at no cost to you; tips for the band are encouraged and appreciated.

So please join us this Saturday from 10AM – 3PM with Achachay! rocking out live music from 11AM – 2PM.

Hope to see you this Saturday! Cheers!

Salt & Time Combines Thirsty Planet brews with a Sausage & Mustard of the Month

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Salt & Time Announces Craft Beer Link of the Month Featuring Texas’ Best Craft Breweries

Austin’s local food community is in the midst of explosive growth, with artisan butchers and craft brewers helping lead the way. Salt & Time is celebrating this by partnering with Texas’ best craft brewers to make a Craft Beer Link of the Month. Starting in March, each month Salt & Time will feature a local brewery’s beer as a featured ingredient in a sausage and an accompanying mustard. Austinites will be able to get these sausages hot off the grill or packed up to take home at the HOPE Farmers Market (414 Waller St, from 11 to 3 on Sundays). as well as at special events at the breweries. The first six breweries to be featured are Real Ale, Live Oak, Jester King, Hops & Grain, Southern Star and Thirsty Planet.

On Satuday, March 5th from 11-2, Salt & Time will bring our grill to Thirsty Planet Brewery (11160 Circle Drive, Austin, Texas 78736) to kick off this most excellent pairing of beer and sausage. We will feature their Buckethead IPA in our sausage and Thirsty Goat Amber Ale in our mustard throughout the Month of March.

The schedule of upcoming breweries and events will be announced at in the coming weeks.

Our Porter Needs a Name

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

Yesterday we served up our first porter batch at the brewery. We are really enjoying it and the reaction we received from all of you who tried it was overwhelming positive and beneficial to us. It’s through your feedback that we are able to tweak and perfect our brewing recipes to best satisfy your taste buds.

That is one of the things we enjoy most about craft brewing; especially here in Austin. We are part of the community and we could not have enjoyed the success we are having if it were not for your support and valuable feedback.

So we are calling on you, our Thirsty Planet fans, for additional feedback about our new porter.

In addition to creating the best possible recipe, we are asking for your help in naming this new brew that will soon be part of the Thirsty Planet line-up.

On tap today we have the Yellow Armadillo Wheat, the Thirsty Goat Amber, and the Buckethead IPA. What name for our new porter do you think best compliments our existing line-up?

Bring it on Austin and Thirsty Planet fans from around the globe; let your creative juices flow and share your porter naming ideas with us.


Gorilla Sightings In Austin

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

It’s not a myth or a joke! Thirsty Planet gorillas have been sighted in bars and restaurants throughout Austin recently and the trend will continue again this Friday night, January 14th from 6PM – 8PM at the Draught House.

This is Austin, so of course no one needs a reason to get dressed up and head out to the bars in a gorilla suit. However, we at Thirsty Planet have a very good reason to do so.

We are working hard to spread the word about the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund (MGCF) and their mission of ensuring the future of the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In addition to sporting the gorilla suits, we brewed a charity beer called the Silverback Pale Ale. We partnered with eight local bars and restaurants to showcase the Silverback on tap for your drinking pleasure. We’ll then donate 100% of the proceeds from Silverback pint sales directly to the MGCF so they can continue their important work.

That’s not all we are doing, we are also serving up the Silverback at the Austin Gorilla Run post race party. It’s at the Austin Gorilla Run that you too will have the opportunity to sport your gorilla suit in public and help the MGCF achieve their mission.

So please show your support for the MGCF and come on out to the Draught House this Friday night to hang with us, enjoy some Silverback Pale Ale, and sign-up for the Austin Gorilla Run.

If you can’t make it out this Friday night, you can find us and our gorilla suits at these great locations at following times and dates:

-  Saturday, January 15th, 7-9 PM at Flying Saucer
-  Tuesday, January 18th, 6-8 PM Opal Divine’s on 6th
-  Wednesday, January 19th, 6-8 PM at The Tavern
-  Thursday, January 20th, 5-7 PM at Red’s Porch


The Silverback Pale Ale

Monday, January 10th, 2011

This past weekend we enjoyed a crowded house at the brewery. Some of our team would like to think it’s their good looks that brought so many of you out, but while the Thirsty Planet team isn’t all that bad to look at, we know it had something to do with our tasty brews and more specifically the recent release of our charity brew, the Silverback Pale Ale.

The Silverback Pale Ale, like many great beers, has a colorful story and background associated with its creation. Originally pioneered by our friends at Wynkoop Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado; the Silverback is an artfully balanced pale ale with a citrusy hop aroma, crisp pale malt flavors, and a satisfying hop character. It has a refreshing hoppy finish, 40 IBUs, and a comfortable 5.5% ABV.

The beer is made with American two-row and specialty malts and four U.S. hops; the rich aroma is the result of the Centennial hops. The beer is also made with a dose of Grains of Paradise, an African spice that imparts a lemony, pepper-like quality to the beer. The spice is a vital part of the mountain gorilla diet and aids in reducing heart disease in these highly endangered apes.

Do you just say something about gorillas? We did, and that is what really makes this beer so special and why we are happy to bring it to life here in Austin.

Not only is the Silverback a great brew for you to enjoy, it doubles as a fundraiser beer for the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund (MGCF). You got it, Thirsty Planet is donating 100% of this beer to support the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund, a national charity that works to save Africa’s endangered mountain gorillas. Today there are only an estimated 740 mountain gorillas alive in the wild; none are in captivity. The numbers have been slowly increasing thanks to the work of the MGCF and its allied gorilla-protection partners and we at Thirsty Planet are proud to get involved and show our support for such a great foundation.

What could be better for Austin beer lovers…you get to enjoy a great beer while at the same time supporting the MGCF in their efforts to protect a highly endangered animal.

Along with the Silverback being available at our brewery, you can find it on tap at eight great locations throughout the Austin area to include:

- 2108 S. Lamar Blvd. #A
- 214 W. 4th St.
- 922 W. 12th St.
- 7020 Easy Wind Dr. Suite 100
- 3508 S. Lamar Blvd.
- 815 W. 47th St.
- 4112 Medical Pkwy. #100
- 700 W. 6th St.

Also, keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of weeks leading up to the Austin Gorilla Run as the Thirsty Planet team will make special appearances and sporting full gorilla suits at the Austin locations serving the Silverback on tap.

We hope that you enjoy the Silverback as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to Austin and we encourage you and friends to visit us at the brewery this coming Saturday from 10 AM – 2 PM where we’ll be serving up plenty more Silverback and great stories. As an added treat we’ll have something new on tap for those beer lovers who prefer something a bit darker and full bodied…more to come on this added treat later in the week so stay tuned.

Don’t miss out; sign up for this Saturday’s Thirsty Planet brewery tour online now.


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